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Batteries for E-Cigarettes

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We offer a wide collection of li-ion batteries in different formats and technical specifications. We use only branded li-ion battery cells from notable manufacturers (for example Sony, LG, Samsung). The are protected against cracks and scratches with a UL certified PVC shrink tube, and can sustain temperatures up to 140°C.
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Battery Design on Demand

We take it personal!

Looking for a battery solution with your own design? At Enercig we can offer you battery cells with an individualized design. Whether lots, or in a retail packaging, we can design and implement various solutions.
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Keeping your batteries full

We market the high quality li-ion / Ni-Mh / Ni-Cd chargers from XTAR and Folomov. Devices of different sizes and technical specifications are available. All chargers are of course TÜV-certified.
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Power Banks

Power in your hand

Power on the go. The power banks from EnerCig are light and practical and allow you to recharge your mobile devices (smartphone, tablets etc.) on the go.
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We make sure your batteries are under cover!

We protect your batteries! Repair-Kits with insulators and shrink tubes; carrying bags of different sizes; storage boxes and more. All you need to keep your batteries well protected, so you can use them longer.
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We are EnerCig

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We specialize in energy solutions for E-Cigarettes (E-Cigs) and offer a wide range of rechargeable batteries in different formats and technical specifications, as well as chargers and other accessories. We use only the best battery cells from the most notable manufacturers. Since the use of li-ion cells without protective mechanism could be risky, we set safety vaping as our top priority


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Important notes on the use and use of the batteries

By purchasing our Enercig Lithium-Ion batteries, you automatically confirm that you use our batteries exclusively in a professional manner.
This includes proper processing of the cells, as well as proper storage and disposal. Enercig grants no liability for damages to persons or property resulting from the improper use or unauthorized use of the batteries.

Important note on the charging procedure

For the charging of lithium-ion batteries, a special charger is required. Li-Ion batteries must be charged according to a specific charging method. Enercig recommends the chargers of the following brands: Enercig, Xtar and Enerpower

Important safety instructions

Please read the safety instructions carefully and observe them with respect!

Incorrect handling and incorrect use of lithium-ion batteries can lead to damage to health, injury or damage to property caused by the leakage of electrolyte, inflammation or explosion.
Please note that lithium-Ion batteries may only be used by experienced users. Incorrect handling or short-circuiting can lead to fire or explosion. Further:

  • DO NOT charge the batteries more than 4.25V
  • DO NOT over-discharge the battery above the specifications
  • NEVER charge the batteries with incorrect polarity and / or insert them wrongly into the battery Mode.
  • NEVER heat or burn the cells.
  • NEVER drill, break or otherwise damage the batteries mechanically. Do not use the battery in case of damage to the battery and / or its cover (shrink).
  • NEVER charge the battery under high temperature conditions, such as near a fire
  • NEVER short-circuit the battery.
  • NEVER discharge the battery under the End-Of-Voltage given in the battery specifications.
  • NEVER allow the battery to get wet or in water
  • NEVER store the battery near metal objects such as keys or coins.
  • NEVER store the battery without a coverage (box, or carry bag for instance) to avoid short-circuits.
  • For long storage periods - the storage temperature should be below 45°C
  • After long storage times, charge the battery first with a lower current (up to 0.5A).

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