Batteries go undercover?

Unfortunately, it seems that li-ion battery cells are being forged in a grand scale again. It also seems, that the forgers (chiefly from East Asia) have learned a few new tricks: low performance batteries from known and notable manufacturers are bought for a low price, and then “dressed up”, so that they appear to be batteries of higher performance.

The HG2 cells from LG Chem, a popular energy-source for many vapers, were recently a victim to such a forgery. Some creative forgers took other li-ion cells from LG Chem, which were probably sold for a very cheap price, and then relabeled them as HG2. This can lead to some fatal consequences. Since a li-ion cell, which can stand a load of no more than 10A (approx. 40 watt), can hazard the vaper unknowingly.

We wish to seize this opportunity to share some tips and warnings on how to avoid such dangers, when buying li-ion cells:

  1. Buy your li-ion cells only in a specializing store and preferably in Germany / the European Union, since here the sellers or the importers are accountable for their products.
  2. Beware of “hot deals”: In the rechargeable-batteries market there are no bargains. If you are offered a cheap li-ion cell, your alarm bells should start ringing.
  3. Trust your instincts: If you have from the beginning the feeling, that the performance of the battery is weak, that the voltage drops too quickly, the battery heats up (over 80°C), and the runtime seems shorter as it should be, please don’t use this battery for vaping!
  4. Know the market: If many serious and known stores don’t have a certain battery cell in stock, but one small and unknown one suddenly offers it, your alarm bells should strat ringing again. Most serious dealers buy their products in Germany or in Europe. If a certain battery cell is for a long time not available,  it can rarely be found somewhere else, and if it suddenly does, be suspicious.

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