6. March 2019

EnerCig and the VfJ Workshops in Berlin Celebrate 5 Years of Cooperation!

The VfJ Werkstätten GmbH is a non-profit organization which operates workshops for people with disabilities and a social enterprise with economic orientation. For more than 5 years we have been working together with the VfJ workshop in Berlin Adlershof. The workshop takes over certain value assembly, labeling and packaging processes […]
4. March 2019

EnerCig EC-27HD – new standards in the 20700 format

Panasonic (Sanyo) has gained until now not much attention in the world of vapers. Although Panasonic has developed in the 18650 format with the UR18650NSX a good and powerful alternative to the well-known INR18650-25R (Samsung SDI) and Sony US18650VTC5, but this battery cell remains for most vapers “under the radar”. […]
14. February 2019

Mandatory Labeling of Battery Cells

The Li-ion rechargeable batteries, which the vapers use in battery-mods with replaceable battery cells, come on the market per se as industrial batteries. This means that these battery cells used by end users are under-labeled. For many years vapers around the world have been using these battery cells, and “benefited” […]