Mandatory Labeling of Battery Cells

The Li-ion rechargeable batteries, which the vapers use in battery-mods with replaceable battery cells, come on the market per se as industrial batteries. This means that these battery cells used by end users are under-labeled. For many years vapers around the world have been using these battery cells, and “benefited” from the fact that no state authorities were concerned with the subject or wanted to deal with this topic.

In September 2017, the labor inspectorate in the state of Lower Saxony carried out an inspection at an off-line retailer, studied the subject “labeling of battery cells” and took samples. A laboratory was commissioned with the order of the safety-technical partial examination according to the annual work program. At the end of 2018, we received the test results as a copy from the dealer.

An insufficient labeling of the battery cells was criticized. We used 2 DIN standards:

  • DIN EN 61960: 2012-04
  • DIN EN 62133: 2013-10 (VDE 0510-8)

Accordingly, the following requirements are set:

Each cell or battery must be supplied with a permanent mark indicating:

  • Rechargeable Li or Li-ion secondary system
  • Battery designation as defined in 5.1 of the standard DIN EN 61960 (see APPENDIX)
  • Polarity (plus & minus)
  • Date of manufacture (may be coded)
  • Name or label of the manufacturer or supplier
  • Rated capacity
  • Nominal voltage

Since the labor inspectorate is state-specific (so-called country thing), one cannot say with certainty so far whether the same requirements for markings are taken over also in other federal states. It is only clear that if there should be an incident (accidents with battery cells in connection with the use of e-cigarettes), the issue of labeling always becomes part of the legal arguments.

We, at Enercig, have the o.g. DIN standards already implemented from the beginning (06.2016). We consider labeling to be essential and recommend that every retailer adopt it.

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