EnerCig EC-27HD – new standards in the 20700 format

Panasonic (Sanyo) has gained until now not much attention in the world of vapers. Although Panasonic has developed in the 18650 format with the UR18650NSX a good and powerful alternative to the well-known INR18650-25R (Samsung SDI) and Sony US18650VTC5, but this battery cell remains for most vapers “under the radar”.

With the NCR2070C brings Panasonic (Sanyo) a 20700 high-current rechargeable battery cell on the market, which must be noticed in any case! With approximately 3500 mAh, a continuous load of 30A and an internal resistance of 10mΩ (AC), this battery cell is undoubtedly the most powerful battery cell in the size 20700.

We at EnerCig will replace the old Molicel based battery cell INR20700A with this excellent battery cell (under the model EC-27HD). With the EC-27HD, 20700-size battery mods can achieve similar performance to 21700-size battery cells, such as the 2100’s, such as the INR21700-30T or INR21700-40T.

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