Only your safety matters (…but also the love)

Unfortunately, some accidents and incidents have occurred in recent years that are directly related to electric cigarettes. In the following 2 contributions from Germany and Switzerland, for example, such cases are reported:

RTL: E-cigarette explodes in the pocket (in German)

SRF: Explosion in the pocket – so dangerous are batteries (in German)

We acknowledge that we cannot prevent all accidents and incidents, but we can avoid almost all cases related to the transport and misuse of Li-Ion battery cells.

In most battery carriers, whether mechanical or adjustable, in which the battery cells are replaceable, we use cylindrical battery cells, also called round cells. These can occur in different designs. From very small (format 14500) to very large (format 26650). However, all Li-Ion round cells have the same structure as shown in the image:

If we avoid uncontrolled contact between the positive side and the negative side, we prevent painful and sometimes fatal incidents. In the following we will explain how one can avoid such sad cases with some attention and mindfulness:

  1. Never transport the battery cell loosely – whether in the trousers and/or jacket pocket, in a backpack, or otherwise… always transport the battery cell in such a way that no contact can be made between the plus side and the minus side of the battery cell. You can store the battery cell in a box, silicone case, etc . Such transport solutions are available free of charge or at a charge from any reputable specialist shop (see examples here >>).
  2. Never use a damaged battery cell – sometimes sharp edges of the battery carrier will scratch the battery compartment casing, sometimes the battery cells will fall to the ground and get a dent… in such cases you should not reuse the battery cell. The danger of a short circuit, or an explosion (especially with dents) is just too big!
  3. Coins, keys or other metal objects must not come into contact with the battery cell.

If you notice that something is wrong with the battery cell e.g. it heats up, or degases –  very important!!! – remove the battery cell from the body and cover with dry sand if possible. It is even better to store the battery cell in a solid container full of sand.

Bottom line: Your health and safety are more important and precious than any Euro you would have to spend on a new battery cell!

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