The story of EnerCig

The idea of EnerCig was born in 2015 during a visit at the Intertabac trade fair. We noticed that few companies presented li-ion battery cells under their own “pseudo” brand names. It was also easy to notice, how careless can one juggle with convincing technical specifications.

The first thought was: does the market need another brand, that provides a similar service like these companies?

After a few months of contemplation we came out with a clear answer: yes! the users of li-ion cells in E-Cigarettes deserve it! On the shortfall of existing brands we’ve created EnerCig. Under the motto “EnerCig – safely vaping” we therefore declare:

  • EnerCig will publish only real technical specifications, based on the official information provided by the manufacturers of the battery cells.
  • EnerCig will enable transparency and traceability of the entire assembly process – from the manufacturer of the battery cells to the market.
  • EnerCig will cover the industrial battery cells with a PVC shrink tube, to protect them from cracks and sharp edges. This material is widely used in battery-packaging.
  • EnerCig products will be sold through a network of selected specialized partners.
  • EnerCig will remain open to suggestions, questions and complaints. We always ready to learn and to explain.

Read more ore about our values >>

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