Why manufacturers of battery cells don’t like us vapers

18650 li-ion-battery-cells are industrial products or components. One uses these cells just like Lego pieces, to build or assemble other products. It is no wonder that manufacturers like Sony or LG Chem are quite critical – to say the least – regarding the use of these components by consumers, and are trying to forbid it.

And they have good reasons to do so. One reason is, that the li-ion cells come without labels, which contain important information for the consumers, such as polarity (it might seem trivial, but not all consumers can differentiate the Plus from the Minus!), nominal voltage etc. Second, the cells are produced with a very thin protection shrink. And most important, they are made without any protection mechanism (protection circuit) against overcharge, deep discharge and over-discharge.

Last but not least, the manufacturers wish to take no accountability for wrong use of the cells. It is irrelevant, if the malfunction caused by a defective hardware or by wrong use – when a 18650-cell blows up, if might find its way to the media, or could even end up in a court of law – and no one wants that!

With EnerCig as registered brand, we set up li-ion battery cells as suitable product for the end-consumer. EnerCig uses hige quality li-ion cells from notable manufacturers. The li-ion cells from EnerCig are have all the required characterizations for the use by the end-consumer in eCigarettes. EnerCig uses an additional protection shrink, to minimize as much as possible the chance of short circuits.

We, the EnerCig team, wish to guarantee the highest possible safety for you, the vapers, and we have the means, the know-how and years of experience in this field to achieve it.

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